Friday, 12 June 2015

Lazy Gardening

Look at Britain from above – millions of people living different lives, speaking different languages with very different homes.

But take a closer look at their gardens.

No matter where you go in Britain the story is the same...lawn in the middle, plants around the edge. 

It’s so bloody boring! 

While other creative industries like interior design, fashion and art surge into the future, our gardens are stuck in the past.  Adventurous design for us Brits is a curvy border around the edge of the lawn. I think we can do better. 

Our gardens are a great opportunity to do something interesting – you just need to start thinking creatively instead of following the crowd.


If you follow this blog you’ll learn the secrets of design...a ‘What Not to Wear’ for gardens; much of it is sleight of hand – and it works every time.

For most of the year our weather encourages us to hibernate in Britain. But modern houses are getting smaller which means stress levels are getting higher.  We need to make better use of our outdoor space. There should be no such thing as bad weather, just inadequate design. 

As I was painfully reminded recently - life is short – so sit outside, share good food; drink and chat into the night around a crackling fire.


Welcome to the first ever garden blog for people who don’t like gardening.

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