Wednesday, 10 June 2015

The Lazy Gardener... there is an easier way


I have a confession to make...I don’t really like gardening anymore. 30 years of looking after other people’s gardens can do that to a childhood hobby.  But don’t get me wrong – I still love spending time in beautiful gardens; I just don’t want to be tinkering under the bonnet any longer. And I’m not the only one.

‘There are 26 million gardens in the UK, less than 1% of them are owned by gardeners.’

This leaves a huge blind spot – the lazy gardeners.  We make up the majority of society and yet we’re left scrabbling around looking for ideas; most of us make hard work of it because, let’s be honest gardening TV/media is a turn off. Just like cookery was in the early 1980’s.  But then someone with vision let Keith Floyd off the leash.  BBC Gardeners’ World programme used to attract 5 million viewers, now it’s less than 2 million.  Even publishers aren’t publishing as many gardening books.  The masses have changed how they see their gardens; they want to enjoy them but don’t want to be gardeners. 
This blog will show you how to make your garden look stylish even if you’re not interested in Latin plant names.  And once it’s done, that’s it – you’ll only have to ‘do’ any gardening 3 times a year.

Interested? out for 'Lazy Gardening' blog posts.

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